Introducing SiMSAM

Our new research project SiMSAM: Bridging Student, Scientific, and Mathematical Models with Expressive Technologies was funded starting September 1, 2011. The project seeks to help educators better understand how young people can come to adopt simulation technology as a way to theorize about and investigate scientific questions. In this video we give an overview of the project, featuring a 4 day design and research workshop with 5 sixth grade girls in Fall 2012 as they worked to model smell diffusion. The scientific modeling activity was inspired by the work of the MoDeLS group (adapted from Schwarz et al, 2009), and the girls used SAM Animation and Stagecast Creator to generate their animations and simulations. We are using this workshop as a first step to inform the design of a new, streamlined web-based app that bridges animation, simulation, and measurement tools together to create an accessible and integrated modeling experience for young people.

More About the SiMSAM Project

SiMSAM explores middle school learners' scientific modeling practices as they work across Simulation, Animation, and Measurement / Data Analysis tools.

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