DataSketch at AERA and NCTM 2015

We'll share early classroom activities from the DataSketch project at NCTM 2015 in Boston, and some theoretical development around how to study and describe data visualization competencies at AERA 2015 in Chicago.


Contemporary data visualizations blend mathematical, visual, and narrative elements to illustrate patterns of interest. But despite their increasing popularity in public and professional arenas, still little is known about how young people make sense of data visualizations. I bring together theories from the data sciences and conceptual resources literatures to explore data visualization literacy as individual and social coordination of mathematical, representational, and domain knowledge. I use this framework to analyze data from a two week middle school enactment in which seventh-graders at a diverse, urban public school designed visualizations of public city data. Using representative case studies, I show that the framework provides traction in explaining why some groups flourish while others reach impasse, and highlights possible resolutions.

A researcher and teacher at a diverse urban school partnered to enact a unit where 7th graders analyzed and designed visualizations of public city data. We analyze students' engagement with math content and mathematical agency, and identify supports that promoted mathematical depth. The talk will include classroom video and student work.


Wilkerson-Jerde, M. H. (Forthcoming). Stories of our city: Coordinating youths' mathematical, representational, and community knowledge through data visualization design. To be presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Chicago, IL, April 16-20.

Wilkerson-Jerde, M. H., & Head, E. (Forthcoming). Designing data visualizations to promote mathematics learning and identity development. To be presented at the 2015 Research Presession of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Boston, MA, April 14-17.

More About the DataSketch Project

The DataSketch project seeks to support how middle school students think about, learn about, and create computational data visualizations.

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